If you are unsure about what cookies are, what they do and why they are important you can find the info below. There is also a list of browsers with a list of instructions on how to check your cookie settings.

What are cookies?

When you are browsing the internet various websites store small text files called cookies. These cookies are perfectly safe and just sit there until the next time you visit that same website.

When you re-visit the same website their web server can retrieve the information stored in the cookie to better tailor your experience on the website.

We use cookies in the same way and this enables us to better personalise your experience on our site. Our cookies are perfectly safe; we do not store any personal information in our cookie data.

Be aware that if you disable cookies on your browser you will reduce the effectiveness of our website to give you a efficient service.

If you still wish to check your cookie settings then follow the instructions below.

Other Browsers

Please Note: If you have a different browser to the ones listed above, or your browser is an older version, then you can either visit their website to update to the latest version (see link in the corresponding section), or you can visit www.aboutcookies.org for information on all aspects of cookie control.